Lord Murugan Mantra: Benefits and Meaning - Om Saravana Bhava
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Lord Murugan Mantra For Success – Benefits and Meaning – Om Saravana Bhava

Lord Murugan Mantra For Success – Benefits and Meaning - Om Saravana Bhava

Murugan is the son of Lord Shiva (the Hindu God of Destruction) and Goddess Parvati and was born out of the 3rd eye (Ajna chakra) of Shiva. He was born for the main functions of destroying Surapadman (the son of Maya), an asura (demon) who was giving great problems to the rishis and devas.

Lord Murugan is the brother of Lord Ganesh (also known as Vighneshvara) – the remover of obstacles, both of a spiritual and material order.

He is a symbol of bravery, virtue, beauty, and youth, and the universal dispenser favors.


He is known by numerous names, such as:

  • Kartikeya (son of the Krittikas);
  • Kumaraswami (Bachelor God);
  • Skanda (attacker);
  • Velayuthan;
  • Swaminathan (ruler of the gods);
  • Kumaran;
  • Kumaran (the young one).

Moreover, He is frequently referred to as Tamiḻ kadavuḷ and is venerated mainly in places with strong Tamil influences, particularly in Mauritius, Puducherry and Tamilnadu, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Réunion, and Singapore.

In some areas, He is better known as Sanatkumara, the supreme Guru of humanity, who opens the doors to spirituality and helps us into the realization of Lord Shiva. In addition, the Shatapatha Brahmana mentions him as the six faces of Rudra and the son of Rudra.

His consorts are Devayanai (the daughter of Indra, the king of the gods) and Valli (the daughter of a tribal chief). They symbolize Krill Sakti and Inch Sakti.


Vaikasi Vishakha is an amazing celebration of Lord Kartikeya’s birthday and it is held in the Vedic month of Vaikasi when the full moon corresponds with the Vishakha Star. Another festival is Skanda Shashti and is a remarkable festival celebrated during the Tamil month of Panguni (from October to November).


According to a legend, He asked the 4-faced Creator (Lord Brahma) the real meaning of the Pranava (Om). When Lord Brahma could not explain correctly, Kartikeya taunted Lord Brahma. Furthermore, He then approached his father, the Supreme Lord Shiva, to learn the true and correct meaning of Om.

However, Lord Shiva (also known as The Destroyer) did not have an answer to Kartikeya’s question. In response to this, Lord Kartikeya said that he will help Supreme Lord Shiva to learn the meaning of Om, but Shiva has to place him on a higher pedestal, just like a Guru.

Another legend says that there were six babies that were born and when Goddess Parvati saw them, the Goddess was fascinated by their beauty. More importantly, Goddess Parvati was so fascinated that She hugged all six babies at once. Her hug was so potent and full of love that all the babies combined into 1 baby and only the hands, heads, and feet remained.


He has 6 six shrines in Tamil Nadu that are known as Arupadaiveedu. The six sites with the temples are the same areas at which Lord Skanda visited while leading his powerful armies against the asura – Surapadman. These places are – Swamimalai, Palani, Pazhamudirsolai, Thiruparamkundram, Thiruchendur, and Thiruthani.

Moreover, there are a few temples dedicated to Lord Skanda in Malaysia, the most famous being the Batu Caves in close proximity of Kuala Lumpur. In addition, there are some important temples in Sri Lanka which include the sylvan shrine in Kataragama.


He is usually portrayed as the god of war and love. He has six heads of Muruga that symbolize His six characteristics: detachment (Vairagya), wisdom (Jnana), fame (Keerti), strength (Bala), divine powers (Aishwarya), and wealth (Shree). Some Hindu scholars say that these six heads allow Skanda to see in all possible directions in a time of war.

He also carries a Vel that represents higher intelligence, strength, and power. Moreover, He and His Vel can help you dissolve debts, negativity, and diseases.

His mount is the peacock, named Paravani. The peacock symbolizes the conqueror of sensual desires and the destroyer of harmful habits. More importantly, while the peacock itself clutches a snake in his claws, the snake represents the ego. Therefore, Lord Skanda did not abandon his ego, nevertheless, He managed to control it.

Lord Kartikeya mantra – Om Saravana Bhava Namaha meaning on syllables:

Om – represents the creation, maintenance, and transformation of the energy in the universe. This seed mantra also symbolizes the 4 states of human consciousness, as seen by the spiritual teachers. Furthermore, it is the beej mantra from which every Sanskrit mantra originated. Therefore, it appears in the beginning of the majority of Sanskrit mantras.

Sa – this syllable gains you the power to attract all individuals to your side.

Ra – it brings your aspiration of material wealth.

Va – this syllable purifies your physical discomforts.

Na – this syllable stops problems before they appear.

Bha – this syllable brings charm in the life of the practitioner.

Va – clears adverse effects from all the planets.

Namaha – is used in many Vedic mantras and translates as ”I salute” or ”I open my individuality to its true universality.”

Murugan Gayatri mantra lyrics in romanized Sanskrit:

”Tatpurusaya vidmahe mahasenaya, dhimahi tanno. Shanmukha pracodayat.”

Translation in English – ”May we know that Divine Person and meditate upon Mahasena. May He enlighten us and guide us to be one with him.

Moola mantra lyrics:

”Om Sharavana Bhavaya Namaha.”

Benefits of reciting Skanda mantra for success 

Lord Skanda is the overlord of planet Mars and reciting this mantra daily will remove the negative effects of Mars. In Hindu astrology, planet Mars is considered the most malefic planet. However, this role is usually attributed to planet Saturn in other ancient Hindu sacred texts.

Moreover, reciting this potent mantra brings you closer to the four important goals in life – prosperity, righteousness, freedom, and happiness. In addition, reciting this mantra daily for 108 times brings prosperity, abundance, and success in all aspects of life.

It is recommended to learn the mantra from a spiritual teacher who is part of a traditional spiritual lineage and once you start to practice it, you must be extra careful since mispronunciation may bring some negative results.



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