Om Shreem Mahalakshmiyei Namaha Mantra – Benefits & Meaning
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Om Shreem Mahalakshmiyei Namaha Mantra – Benefits & Meaning

Om Shreem Mahalakshmiyei Namaha Mantra – Benefits & Meaning

This chant is the quintessential Sanskrit mantra for abundance. Shrim is the seed (beej) sound for wealth and prosperity along with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.

It is a powerful mantra which actually calls upon the goddess of wealth to grant both spiritual and worldly prosperity and abundance.

As the Hindu Goddess of Beauty and Good Fortune, Lakshmi represents the personification of prosperity, abundance, harmony, and wealth, who is believed to relieve all sorrows caused by a lack of money. However, Lakshmi grants fortune and success in not only the material world but also the spiritual.

She is commonly described as a beautiful woman of golden complexion, holding a lotus bud, standing or sitting on a full-bloomed pink or red lotus. Moreover, she is described as having four hands, that represent purity, beauty, prosperity, and fertility.

Images of the Hindu goddess started appearing on coins issued during the reign of the Gupta dynasty (also known as the Golden Age of India) around the 4th century AD and the 3rd century BC in sculptures found in north India.

In Hindu tradition, goddess Lakshmi was born from the churning of the primordial ocean and she chose Supreme Lord Vishnu (the Supreme Being in its Vaishnavism tradition) as her eternal consort.

She is venerated and adored daily in Hindu commercial establishments and homes as the goddess of prosperity, abundance, and wealth. Also, goddess Lakshmi is revered as the consort of Supreme Lord Vishnu in many Hindu temples.

Other names in which She is venerated include – Padma Priya, Padma, Kamala, Padmamaladhara devi, Padmakshi, Padmamukhi, Madhavi, Jalaja, Padmasundari, Padmahasta, Vishnupriya, Kalyani, Vaishnavi, and Ulkavahini.

Om Shreem Mahalakshmiyei Namaha Mantra Meaning:

”Om and salutations to Goddess Lakshmi who manifests every kind of abundance.”


”Salutations to that heart-centered and great Goddess Lakshmi. May you pour forth your blessings upon me.”

Mantra Meaning On Syllables:


This symbol has a spiritual meaning in all Indian and Buddhist dharmas, but the connotations and meaning of Om (also spelled as AUM) vary among the diverse spiritual schools.

It is considered the mother of the seed mantras (short but potent sounds which correlate to each energy center). According to the ancient Hindu Mandukya Upanishad (the shortest of all the Upanishads), that is entirely devoted to the explanation of this primordial sound, “Om is the one eternal syllable of that all that exists is but the development.” This beej mantra is most connected with the 6th (Ajna) and 7th (Sahasrara) chakras.


It is the seed sound for the principle of the spiritual prosperity and abundance. The Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is the personification of this sound, which is also associated with the Ajna chakra. The Shreem mantra aligns your energy with wealth and prosperity and speeds up the process of attracting financial success which was already on its way to you.


”Maha” literally translates as ”great” and this means not only in quantity but also in quality. Lakshmiyei represents the Goddess Lakshmi.


This Sanskrit word literally translates as ”to bow.”

Benefits Of Chanting Mantra For Abundance:

Invoking Goddess Lakshmy through this Sanskrit mantra can inspire tremendous creative energy. Nevertheless, this chant is actually a prayer not only to gain financial prosperity and abundance but also to enlighten our consciousness with understanding.

The high vibration produced by chanting this mantra generates a healing energy field that attracts prosperity and wealth. It is especially useful for people in any business to increase their profits as well as for people looking to get promotions.

This mantra is also known as Siddhi Mantra, and when recited with genuine devotion and correct pronunciation, it always gives positive results.


In this spiritual practice, consistency is important. While any level of mantra repetition has its (spiritual or material) benefit, establishing a regular pattern of say, 108 times every day (early in the morning, before sunrise), and maintaining this habit over 40 day period, bring the greatest spiritual benefits.

Sandalwood, lotus flowers, betel leaves, vermilion, fruits, nuts, and a variety of sweet preparations made from rice, jaggery, and coconuts are used for Goddess Lakshmy ritual worship.

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