Om Vakratundaya Hum Mantra – Complete Lyrics, Meaning, Benefits
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Om Vakratundaya Hum Mantra – Complete Lyrics, Meaning, Benefits

Om Vakratundaya Hum Mantra – Complete Lyrics, Meaning, Benefits

Lord Ganesha is the son of Goddess Shakti (the feminine power of the Universe) and Supreme Lord Shiva (the masculine power of the Universe). Also, Lord Ganesh has two sisters in Goddess Saraswati – the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge and Goddess Lakshmi – the Hindu Goddess of Wealth, as well as a brother in Lord Murugan (also known as Lord Skanda) – the Hindu God of War and Victory.

According to the Hindu scholars, He is the God of wisdom, knowledge, prosperity, and intelligence. Plus, Lord Ganesha is considered the Head of all Gods and is worshiped first.

He is referred to as the one who has a mouse as his vehicle, the one with the single tusk, and the one who penned the ancient Mahabharata.

According to Kundalini yoga, He resides in the first chakra, better known as Muladhara chakra. ”Mula” translates as “original” or ”main” and ”adhara” translates as “base” or ”foundation.”

The Muladhara chakra deals with your material and physical consciousness, how you choose to protect yourself, and how you express yourself in the safety of your own environment. In addition, this energy center establishes the most profound connections with your environment and with Earth and your physical body, also, it is the root of your being.


Representations of Lord Ganesha show distinct patterns and wide variations changing over time. For instance, The Remover Of Obstacles may be depicted dancing, playing with his family as a boy, heroically taking action against asuras (demons), engaging in a range of everyday actions, or sitting down.

Om Vakratundaya Hum Mantra Lyrics In Sanskrit

”Aum vakratundaya hum
Aum vakratundaya hum
Vakratundaya deemahi
Ganesha Avatara namaha.”

Lord Ganesha Mantra Meaning On Syllables


This bija mantra is considered to be one of the most important and ancient sounds in all the creation and has been recited by mystics and yogic for millennia.

It is considered the sound of the universe, describing all that is in the entire universe, and it allows for its spiritual practitioners to cultivate energy which flows upward through the chakras, starting with the Muladhara chakra.

Reciting or practicing a meditation focused on this syllable is a proven method to reach a higher state of consciousness. When this seed mantra is chanted in a group, the effects are considerably amplified, and this will produce immense positive and healing vibrations that may charge up the entire vicinity.


It is a very powerful form of Lord Ganesha which shines with the brilliance of a million suns.


It can be translated as – “delay no more, my Lord in straightening the paths of the crooked-minded ones.”


It means to meditate and focus your mind on God.


The name of the best-known and most adored deities in the Hindu tradition.


It is a Sanskrit word which can be translated as “it is not about me” or “not me.” It actually describes the notion of creation and that the devotee submits to a higher power or the spiritual practitioner is not in control of her/his life.

Benefits Of Reciting The Mantra To Remove Obstacles

This is a potent mantra from Ganesha Purana. Reciting this mantra daily brings wealth and prosperity in the reciter’s life. It is also said that it’s best to practice this mantra before undertaking a new project since it brings good luck.

This chant also represents a willingness to release and move past the perceived hindrances or obstacles in your present life. In addition, it may be used for healing any spinal condition, including curved limbs or curvature of the spine (a condition in which there is a spinal curvature creating either an S shape or a C shape).

This mantra is known to increase the activity of chakras of the body, especially the first chakra. This leads to an improved blood circulation, hence, it boosts the metabolic rate in the physical body.


It is acknowledged that the practitioner benefits from this Sanskrit mantra when recited with utmost devotion and faith. It should be repeated 108 times, a few times a day, especially early in the morning and before going to bed. During recitation, it is recommended to visualize your aspirations and wishes.

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